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Richard Dawkins Guilty of Religious Vilification

Seriously. I thought it before, and now I know it.

As part of my job, I had to read the transcript of the Catch The Fire Seminar on Islam–the one in which the VCAT has found that they were guilty of religious vilification. One of the give aways that this was vilification was the ridicule of Islam which was calculated to produce laughter in the audience. The laughter was transcribed into the transcript.

It hasn’t been transcribed in the transcript of the ABC Radio National Background Briefing Program from 26th November featuring Richard Dawkins reading his new book “The God Delusion” to an audience in the US. The transcript is bad, but when you listen to the audio download, you cannot doubt that this is vilification. Intentional vilification. The laughter is a dead give away, as is the snide tone of Dawkins own reading voice.

I can only say that to me this is the most offensive ridicule of my faith I have ever come across. I don’t know if the ABC could be held accountable–only VCAT could really decide such a thing. All I know is that if Dawkins had given this speech here in Victoria, he would be found guilty of vilification.

The book itself might get away with it as a “scholarly academic” work, or a work in “good faith”. But not this presentation aired by the ABC. It is thoroughly disgraceful. This is something that should concern Jews and Muslims as well as us Christians–because he vilifies us all.


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