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Enough about men, what about the women?

This is off topic, but hilarious for all you mum’s out there (Louise, are you listening?). This was sent to my wife’s email. It is very realistic. Anyone want to try to write a “Dad’s” version? Or do we simply not whip ourselves into such a frenzy?


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Chaput flexes his muscles…

Speaking of Muscular Christianity (no, not this, THIS), Archbishop Chaput spoke back in September to an Indianapolis men’s conference. Here, among other things, is what he said:

Christian love is not weak or anesthetic. It’s an act of the will. It takes guts. It’s a deliberate submission of our selfishness to the needs of others. There’s nothing “unmanly” about it, and there’s nothing—and I mean nothing—more demanding and rewarding in the world. The heart of medieval knighthood and chivalry was the choice of a fighting man to put himself at the service of others—honoring his lord, respecting the dignity of women, protecting the weak, and defending the faith even at the cost of his own life.

That’s your vocation. That’s what being a Christian man means. We still have those qualities in our hearts. We are not powerless in the face of today’s unbelieving civilization. We can turn this world upside down if only we’re willing to love—the kind of Christian love that is vastly more powerful than just a sugary feeling; the kind of love that converts men into something entirely new; the kind of love that bears fruit in a man’s zeal, courage, justice, mercy, and apostolic action.

So I leave you with this: Be men who love well. Be the Catholic men God intended you to be. Be men of courage and fidelity to your God, your wives, your families, and your Church. Put your belief into practice. Do everything for the glory of God, even the little things you have to do each day. Love those who don’t love you. Love—expecting nothing in return. Love—and those you love will find Jesus, too. Love—and through your actions, God will change this world.

Maybe if we have homilies like that (instead of homilies for Father’s mothers/sisters/neices) there might be a few more men in the pews on Sunday…


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Historians and Orthodox: Please help!

I would like some help from both the historians and Orthodox among our readership in assessing the accuracy of this (seemlingly useful) Timeline of the East-West Schism
of the Catholic and Orthodox Church
. I am teaching a short course on Church History (starting on Monday) and although I can’t cover the East West relations in detail, would like something to give my students an overview.


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