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NZ Bishops Fighting over a Woman?

Back in July, we all read this from the Land of the Lond White Cloud:

The Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, Barry Jones, is opposing a visit by a controversial feminist nun from the United States.

He has written to priests saying that next week’s visit by Benedictine nun Sister Joan Chittister is unauthorised.

Permission for the event had not been sought or given, and Jones did not want it promoted through Catholic churches.

“The point is that silence generates the misunderstanding that this is all approved, when it’s not. I have made my position clear to the priests,” he said.

Now we read this from Wel-com, the Catholic Newspaper for the Wellington and Palmerston North Dioceses:

Sophia welcomed Archbishop John Dew’s ‘mature approach’ in sanctioning Sr Joan Chittister’s visit to the diocese. We affirmed his openness to the many contemporary views of church in this post modern world and how they kindle the growth of personal and communal spirituality.

Do I detect some dissension in the ranks of the New Zealand Bishops’ Conference?

The article concludes with this tantalising cliff-hanger to get you to read the next exciting edition of Wel-com: “Next month we will look at Joan Chittister’s seven deadly sins.” We wait with baited breath…


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Jesuits to use university research to "solve the decline of youth involvement"

This report today in Cathnews:

Immaculate Conception Hawthorn parish priest Fr Des Dwyer SJ is leading a research project which hopes to engage more young people in the Church.

The study, which aims to solve the decline of youth involvement, is being conducted in conjunction with the Boroondara Deanery, Australian Catholic University and Monash University.

Fr Dwyer said he hopes to find ways to increase involvement in ministry among young people, Province Express reported.

A university study? Dear Lord, Father Des, is it that hard, really? Is academic research behind the success of St Benedict’s Parish at Burwood? Not even BROWN TROUSERS (how uncool is that) can keep them away from the MGL’s parish!

Guys, it ain’t rocket science. (Have I said that before? Stop me if I am repeating myself). Its about Evangelisation (Preach Christ!), Catechisation (Teach Christ!), and Vocation (Follow Christ!). If you still don’t get it, see my reply to “That Petition”: An Open Letter to the Catholic Laity of Australia.

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We live in hope!

Okay, I’m excited. Most of you will have heard the news already, but it seems that the next encyclical is ready to go (as soon as it is translated into Latin from the original German and then into English and every other language). The title? “Spe Salvi” (“Saved by Hope”). Read all about it here on Rocco Palmo’s blog. An encyclical focusing on Christian hope is to be welcomed, especially following the first one on Love.

Those who know me will also know that one of my favourite sayings (usually quoted in conversations relating to the future of the Catholic Church): These three abide: Faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is…HOPE!

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