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The Mystery of the Missing Verses: What has the "New American Bible" done with Jeremiah 11:19-23?

Like his namesake, Peter Holmes is a bit of a blood hound–or is that a terrier?–when it comes to a mystery. And here’s the current one: The “Missing Verses” from Jeremiah in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops own translation, the “New American Bible”.

The mystery is the complete ommission of Jeremiah 11:19-23 in absolutely every edition of the New American Bible.

You can check it out yourself in any print edition of the NAB, or in the USCCB’s own online version, or even on the Vatican’s website, where the “English” translation provided is the NAB.

To add to Peter’s list of other versions in which these verses ARE included, the Vatican’s own Italian and Latin versions of the bible (the only other two languages they carry on their site) have the missing verses.

This is not a case of simply different ordering or numbering (as this article addresses). Nor, as Peter points out, is it a case of disputed textual authenticity. The verses are simply omitted. With no explanation.

Fr Richard John Neuhaus (yes, I know I have been going on about him lately, but he is so helpful in these matters) has very definite opinions about the NAB. But even he hasn’t twigged to this one.

So? What gives? And is Holmes the first person ever to notice this?


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