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October 7 Prayer Vigils in Melbourne and Victoria for defeat of the Abortion Law Reform Bill

There are many churches in Melbourne and in country Victoria which are making opportunities for special prayer vigils and masses for the intention of the defeat of the Abortion Law Reform Bill. This list was published in the most recent edition of Kairos.

MELBOURNE EAST St Patrick’s Cathedral, Cathedral Place.
Sun 5 Oct: 11 am Holy Mass followed at 12: 15pm with 1 hour of prayer with the Archbishop,
Main Celebrant: Most Rev. Archbishop Denis Hart. Enquiries: Cathedral Office – 9926 5677
Melway 2GA1

KEYSBOROUGH Divine Mercy Shrine, 337-343 Greens Rd.
Sun 5 Oct: St. Faustina’s Feast Day – 12 Hours of Prayer.
Mass at 9am & 11 am (Polish) and 4pm (English: Fr, Dowiing & Fr. Gawel), Adoration, Rosary and selected readings throughout the day, until 9pm, Enquiries: Divine Mercy Shrine – 9701 6071
Melway 94F2

BURWOOD St Benedict’s Catholic Church, 295 Warrigal Rd (near Toorak Rd). Tues 7 Oct: 8am Adoration,
9am Mass followed by adoration to midnight. Main Celebrant: Fr. Tony Schick M,G.L, Enquiries: Tom – 9886 9764
Melway 60 H5

CAMBERWEL EAST Nazareth House Chapel, 16 Cornell St.
Tues 7th Oct: 1 Oam Mass followed by
adoration and rosary, Concludes with Chaplet of Mercy at 3pm, Main Celebrant: Fr. Peter Murray, Enquiries: Divine Mercy Publications – 9830 4386
Melway 60 F3

MALVERN EAST St Mary’s Catholic Church, 91 Manning st. Sun 5 Oct: 1 :30pm Adoration and Rosary, 3pm
Chaplet of Mercy, 3:20pm Benediction, 3:45pm Holy Mass Main Celebrant: Fr. Eugene San,
Enquiries: Joy Hunt – 9509 2207
Melway 59 H12

DONCASTER St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church, 71 Williamsons Rd. Tues 7 Oct: 8am Adoration, 9am Mass
followed by adoration and prayers, Concludes with Chaplet of Mercy at 3pm. Main Celebrant: Fr, Sheehy,
Enquires: Parish Office – 9848 2395
Melway 33 D11

MURREMBENA Fatima Centre (Our lady of Fatima Chapel), 205-207 Poath Rd. Tues 7 Oct: 12 noon Mass, followed by adoration,
3pm Chaplet of Mercy, Adoration concludes at 6pm,
Enquiries: Kathleen – 9569 9653
Melway 69 C7

CLAYTON St. Peter’s Catholic Church, 258 Clayton Road,
Tues 7 Oct: 9am Mass followed by adoration and Rosary, 3pm Chaplet of Mercy, Concludes at 4pm,
Main Celebrant: Fr. John Quinn,
Enquiries: Fr. John – 9544 1516
Melway 79 C2

MULGRAVE St John Vianney’s catholic Church, 23 Police Rd. Fri 3 Oct: 7:30pm Mass
followed by adoration until 1 Opm,
Enquiries: Parish Office – 9546 3831
Melway 80 B5

HAWTHORN St. Anthony’s Shrine, 182 Power St.
7 Masses and 30 Hours of Prayer
Mon 6 Oct: 7pm Mass followed by adoration and Rosary, Benediction 11:45pm,
Tues 7 Oct: Midnight Mass, 6:45am Mass, 12 noon Mass, 7pm Mass, Adoration and Rosary between all masses, Concludes with midnight Mass, Celebrants: Capuchin Friars,
Enquiries: Divine Mercy Publications – 9830 4386
Melway 45 B11

MELBOURNE St Augustines Catholic Church, 631 Bourke St (near Spencer St). (2 separate days)
Fri 3 Oct: 1 pm Holy Mass, 1 :30pm Adoration, 3pm Chaplet of Mercy, Concludes at 3:30pm,
Tues 7 Oct: 8:30am Adoration, 12:30pm Confessions, 1 :05pm Mass followed by adoration, Concludes with Chaplet of Mercy at 3:15pm,
Main Celebrant: Fr. Wahid Riad PP
Enquiries: Parish Office – 9629 7140
Melway 1A C5

DANDENONG NORTH St. Gerards Catholic Church, 71 Gladstone Rd.
Tues 7 Oct: 9:15am Mass (Fr. Ryan) followed by adoration, 12:30pm Benediction, 3pm Chaplet of Mercy,
7pm Benediction followed by Mass at 7:15pm (Bishop Peter Elliott), Enquiries: Parish Office – 9792 4422
Melway 90 B3

BLACKBURN St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, 57 Central Rd. Tues 7 Oct: 8:30am Adoration, 10am Mass followed by adoration, Concludes at 12 midday with Chaplet of Mercy,
Celebrant: Fr. Chris Murphy,
Enquiries: Parish office – 9878 0818
Melway 48 B11

HAMPTON EAST Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, 441 Bluff Rd. Tues 7 Oct: 9am Mass followed by
confessions and adoration, Concludes with Chaplet of Mercy at 12:30pm, Main Celebrant: Fr. Sagay,
Enquiries: Kelly – 9584 0825
Melway 77 A6

BAYSWATER Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, 23 Orange Grove. Tues 7 Oct: 12pm noon Adoration and prayers in the chapel. Concludes with Mass at 7:30pm,
Main Celebrant: Fr. Arnold Heredia
Contact: Anne – 9720 2934
Melway 64 F5

CAULFIELD St Aloysius Catholic Church, 233 Balaclava Rd.
Fri 3 Oct: 7 :30pm Mass, 1 Opm Rosary & silent prayer over night. Sat 4 Oct: 8am Mass, Confessions available before and after Mass (Classical Roman Rite),
Contact: Parish Office – 9569 2099
Melway 59 B12

MENTONE St. Patrick’s and the Holy Angels, 10 Rogers St.
Tues 7 Oct: 9:15am Mass followed by adoration and Rosary, Conciudes with Chaplet of Mercy at 3pm,
Enquires: Marjorie – 9588 1181
Melway 86 A6

DEER PARK St Peter Chanel Catholic Parish, 848 Ballarat Rd.
40 Hours of Adoration
Mon 6 Oct: 8am Mass & adoration throughout.
Tues 7 Oct: 8am Mass followed by adoration until midnight Tuesday night. Main Celebrant: Fr. Karmel Borg.
Enquiries: David or Margaret 9360 4921
Melway 25 D8

THORNBURY Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 248 Raleigh St. (2 separate days)
Mon 6 Oct: 8:30pm Mass followed by adoration and Rosary to 10pm. Tues 7 Oct: 7:30am Mass followed by adoration and Rosary to 9am. Main Celebrant: Fr. Anthony Denton.
Enquiries: Parish Office – 9484 3955
Melway 30 K5

BROADMEADOWS St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, 408 Camp Rd.
Tues 7 Oct: 9am Mass followed by adoration and Rosary until 12 midday. Enquiries: Irene – 9302 2440
Melway 6 J9

CHELSEA St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 362 Station St. Tues 7 Oct: 8am Adoration. 9am Mass.
Main Celebrant: Fr. Greg Pritchard.
Enquiries: Parish Office – 9772 2211
Melway 97 C2

MILL PARK St. Francis of Assisi Church, 290 Childs Rd.
Tues 7 Oct: 9:15am Mass (Fr. Brendan Lane). Rosary and adoration during the day. 3pm Chaplet of Mercy. Concludes with 7:30pm Mass
by Bishop Tim Costello.
Enquiries: Parish Office – 9404 3865
Melway 9 J3

MORELAND (COBURG WEST)St. Fidelis Catholic Church, 49 Clarendon St.
Tues 7 Oct: 7am Adoration and prayers. 9:15am Mass followed by adoration. Concludes at 12pm.
Main Celebrant: Fr, David Cartwright. Enquires: Fr. Cartwright – 9386 1224
Melway 29 E2

KEILOR DOWNS Blessed Mary MacKillop Parish, 152 Odessa Ave.
Tues 7 Oct: 9:30am Mass followed by adoration and rosary until 1 pm. Main Celebrant: Fr. Charles Portelli.
Enquiries: Parish Office – 9364 0440
Melway 14 B5

ESSENDON St. Therese’s Catholic Church, 48A Lincoln Rd.
Tues 7 Oct: 10am Mass followed by adoration and Rosary until 1 pm, Enquiries: Jane – 0408 331 007
Melway 28 E3

BALLARAT Nazareth House Chapel, Mill St.
Tues 7 Oct 1 pm Adoration. 7pm Mass followed by adoration and Benediction at 9:45pm. Concludes at 10pm.
Enquiries: Ed Schreenan – 5332 4942
VicRoads 255 L10 or 76 F2

GEELONG St Mary of the Angels Basilica, Cnr Myers St and Yarra 51. Mon 6 Oct only: Adoration from 7:30am to 5:30pm.
Mass at 7am, 1 Oam and 5:30pm,
Confessions available 7:30am, 1 0:30am and 5pm. Enquiries: Parish Office – 5222 1977
Melway 452 B5

DROMANA Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 1 Foote St. Tues 7 Oct: 2pm Adoration and Rosary. Concludes with Holy Mass at 5pm.
Main Celebrant: Fr. Janusz.
Enquiries: Jorg – 5976 1331 or 0407 861 488
Melway 159 F7

MORNINGTON 51. Macartans Catholic Church, Drake 51.
Tues 7 Oct: 9am Mass followed by Adoration. 3pm Chaplet of Mercy. Concludes with Benediction at 6pm.
Main Celebrant: Fr. Kevin Mogg.
Enquiries: Bille – 5975 1640
Melway 104010

HAMILTON St. Mary’s Catholic Dinwoodie St.
for details on this day contact Terry.
Enquires: Terry and Anne – 5572 1370
VicRoads 230 G7

HORSHAM St Michael & St John Catholic Church, Roberts Ave. Tues 7 Oct: 10am Mass followed
by adoration and Rosary, Concludes at 1 pm, Enquiries: John – 5382 7818
VicRoads 219 Q6 or 40 E5

WARRNAMBOOL WEST St Pius X Catholic Church, Morris Rd. (Blessed Mary MacKillop Adoration Chapel)
Tues 7 Oct: 12pm midday Adoration to 7:15pm.
Parish Mass at 7:30pm.
Equiries: Glennis – 5562 8274 or Maureen 5561 3212
VicRoads 240 H2 or 89 J7

ROCHESTER St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Fraser St.
Contact Parish Office for details.
Main Celebrant: Fr Peter Austin.
Enquiries: Parish Office – 5484 1073
Vic Roads 268 E10

SWAN HILL St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Splatt St.
Tues 7 Oct: 9am Mass followed by Adoration, 3pm Chaplet of Divine Mercy, 5:30pm Conclusion Mass.
Main Celebrant Fr. Peter Hudson.
Enquiries: Fr. Peter Hudson – 5032 4144 or 0419 323 397
VicRoads 210 F4

BERWICK St Michael’s Catholic Church, 129 High St. Tues 7 Oct: 7pm Mass followed by adoration & rosary. Concludes with Benediction at 10pm.
Main Celebrant: Fr. Brendan Murphy.
Enquiries: Parish Office – 9707 1355
Melway 111 F8

IONA St Joseph’s catholic Church, 1215 Bunyip River Rd.
Tues 7 Oct: 9:30am Mass followed by adoration and Rosary to 11:30am. Celebrant: Fr, Michael Willemsen,
Enquiries: Parish Office – 5629 2220

CRANBOURNE St Agatha’s Church, 129 Siaden St.
For details, contact Parish Office Main Ceiebrant: Fr. Andrew Wise, Enquiries: Parish Office – 5996 1985
Melway 133 J5

TRARALGON St Michael’s Catholic Church, Church St.
Tues 7 Oct: 9:15am Mass followed by adoration and Rosary until 12 noon. Main Celebrant: Fr. Peter Bickley.
Enquiries: Parish Office – 51742060
Vic Roads 342 H8

MOE St Kieran’s Catholic Church, Wirraway Street,
Holy Mass followed by adoration for 1 hour
Main Celebrant: Fr John Dunlea.
Enquires: Parish Office – 5127 1057
Vic Roads 340 E6 or 97 H5

MORWELL Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Commercial Rd.
Fri 3 Oct: Adoration from 10:30am to 6pm.
Tues 7 Oct: 10am Holy Mass.
Main Celebrant: Fr. Mizeara.
Enquires: Lien – 5166 1501
Vic Roads 340 E6 or 97 H5

MANSFIELD St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, 54 Hunter St
Tues 7 Oct: 8:45am Adoration and Rosary.
9:15am Mass followed by adoration until1D:30am. Main Celebrant: Fr. Colin Xavier.
Enquiries: Parish Office – 5775 2005
Vic Roads 330 E5 or 63 C2

WHITE HILLS (4KM FROM BENDIGO) Holy Rosary Church, 2 Hamelin St.
Tues 7 Oct: 9am Holy Mass followed by adoration to 5:30pm, Celebrant: Fr. Ted Harte.
Enquiries: Fr. Ted Harte – 54484230
Vic Roads 281 Q7

WANGARATTA St Patrick’s CathOlic Church, 1 Ford St.
Tues 7 Oct: 12 midday Adoration and Rosary, Concludes with Holy Mass at 5:45pm.
Main Celebrant: Mons. John White.
Enquiries: Parish Office – 5727 9273
Vic Roads 313 M5 or 34 G7


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"Spiritually, we are all Semites" – an article by Schütz in Kairos

The following article (published here in our local Archdiocesan Rag) is in reference to Pope Benedict’s address to a Jewish delegation in Paris. In a very short speech, I think he points the way on the vexed question of the “two covenants” in Jewish Christian relations.

During a brief meeting at the apostolic nunciature in Paris with representatives of the Jewish community, Pope Benedict XVI reminded both Catholics and Jews of the famous remark made by Pope Pius XI: “Spiritually, we are Semites”.

The Pope also recalled the understanding of Henri de Lubac (theologian and later cardinal), “that to be anti-Semitic also meant to be anti-Christian”. Both de Lubac and Pope Pius XI were speaking during the years leading up to World War II, a time when anti-Semitism was rampant in Europe.

Catholic-Jewish relations have come a long way since then, especially since the landmark decree of Vatican II, Nostra Aetate, yet the relationship between the two faiths is still searching for a solid theological footing.

Pope Benedict XVI alluded to this when he spoke of the Church’s respect for “the Covenant established by God with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” and went on to say that the Church “places herself … in the eternal Covenant of the Almighty … and respects the children of the Promise, children of the Covenant, as her beloved brothers in the faith”

There is considerable discussion among Catholics involved in dialogue with Jews about our mutual Covenant relationships with God. Has the New Covenant in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ superseded the Old Covenant that God made by giving the Torah to the Jews at Sinai? Or are there ‘two covenants’, both current and both equally valid for salvation: the Sinai Covenant for Jews and the Covenant in Christ for Gentiles? Both ideas have been put forward, but neither reflects the full authentic teaching of the Church.

In this greeting offered to the Jewish community in France, the Holy Father offers some way forward in this discussion. Instead of speaking about the Torah Covenant (which St Paul teaches was “until Christ came” Gal 3:24), he speaks of the Covenant that was “established by God with Abraham”. St Paul called the heirs of the Covenant with Abraham the “Children of the Promise” (Gal 4:28).

Pope Benedict XVI refers to the Covenant with Abraham as an “eternal Covenant” and reminds Jews and Catholics alike that the Church also considers herself to be an heir of this Covenant. It is because “Christ redeemed us … that the blessing of Abraham might come (also) upon the Gentiles” (Gal 3:14). Only Jews are children of God’s Covenant with Abraham by birth, but spiritually, as Pius XI said, Catholics are also the children of Abraham.

Thus, while all racism is an evil condemned by the Church in the light of the fact that all human beings are children of Adam, anti-Semitism is condemned on the additional grounds that the Jewish people are our spiritual brothers and sisters in the household of Abraham.


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