What if God had a blog?

Now there’s an idea, I hear you say. Well, some bright spark has already had this idea and set up “God’s Blog” at http://god-has-a-blog.blogspot.com/. From a quick scan it looks very amusing. Just what we need before Christmas… (HT to Ironic Catholic).


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5 responses to “What if God had a blog?

  1. matthias

    God’s blog on the day that Catherine Deveny arrived at the Pearly Gates:

    ” I do not know who was more surprised …..


    ” St Peter gave her directions how to get to the Down escalator”

  2. Louise

    I wish God did have a blog – it would make things a lot easier.

  3. Schütz

    Do you think he would allow unmonitored comments?

  4. Therese

    great link. Thanks.


  5. Louise

    I don’t know. Maybe only inspired comments would be allowed!