Sunday’s Melbourne Blognic Plans

All fellow Bloggers and visitors to this page are invited to the

Second Annual(-ish) Melbourne Catholic Blognic
this Sunday 25th January

Meet 5:30pm Cathedral Gardens

My suggestion at this point is that we should meet at the Cathedral gardens by the statues of St Francis and St Catherine on the Eastern Side at 5:30pm (I presume it won’t be raining – if it is, we gather under the cloisters of the Cardinal Knox Building close by). We can decide where we eat then.

After refection, we will move on to the

Launch of Dr Adam Cooper’s new book
“Life in the Flesh: An anti-gnostic spiritual philosophy”
7.30pm Australian Catholic University
(115 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy)

Guest speaker: Bishop Christopher Prowse
‘Making sense of human suffering –
hope, witness and redemption.’

Email me at to tell me you are coming and I will then give you my mobile phone number so we can be in contact for the evening.



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5 responses to “Sunday’s Melbourne Blognic Plans

  1. Past Elder

    Holy crap. Now I really can’t come, even if I could. As a member of Academics Anonymous I can’t be involved with anything where there’s a damn full colon in the title! Christ, next thing you know I’ll be submitting same to publication committees of conferences and journals again. What’s that I hear — a Call For Papers? Let me get my windage and elevation and ….

  2. Fraser Pearce

    I’ll be coming down from Seymour (I’m taking a service there this Sunday). I’m hoping to be there be 5:30 pm.

  3. Athanasius

    Unfortunately I’ll be on a plane, on my way to an Egyptian holiday that day. Rats!

    David, I’ll be about in the new academic year at the John Paul II Institute. Maybe we can grab a drink?

  4. Paul

    Just a thought, but would any of the bloggers like to contribute sometime to the discussion groups on the website. This is a social networking site promoted during and after World Youth Day, so the participants tend to be young and Catholic. You only have to be over 18 to join. You could take part in the existing discussion groups, start your own, or maybe there is some way to link your blogs to

  5. Jeff Tan

    That’s what I get for having been away from blogging for far too long. Only saw this post now! Well, y’all enjoy yourselves. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on goings on at this blog.