It’s hot, damn hot…

There aren’t even any mad dogs or Englishmen outside at the moment.

It is currently 41.9 degrees Celsius out there, down a tad from a maximum half an hour ago of 42.9 degrees.

That would be all okay, but they are suggesting that we might have another two or three days of this weather coming up…



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36 responses to “It’s hot, damn hot…

  1. Louise

    Because you are someone I know (in cyberspace anyway) and respect, rather than some anonymous Victorian, I will refrain from saying “suffer in yer jocks.”

    Seriously though, you have my empathy – I can’t stand the heat.

  2. Schütz

    What’s it like in Hobart? I might emigrate.

    It’s currently 42.9 out there, and has hit 43.2.

    If we hadn’t brought the guinea pigs inside, they might have just about been roasted in time for tea…

  3. Louise

    Hmmm, baked guinea pig… can’t say that’s very appetising!

    Well, we were threatened with temps in the high 20s and it was certainly feeling uncomfortably hot this morning, but whatever it got to, it had come right down by lunch time to a very pleasant 22 degrees on our deck.

    You should emigrate – the winters are no worse and the summers are just divine!

    Plus, we have… water!

  4. Louise

    Oh look, face it David, it’s much better down here!

  5. Paul

    Hi David, you have my sympathy, but I think Sydney is getting hotter as well.
    This reminds me of a parish priest we used to have here, who has gone to his eternal reward many years ago. In those days, in the 1960’s he used to visit all his parishioners at least once per year, and on really hot days, he went around all the elderly people who lived on their own, to see how they were coping. Those were the days!!! Vale Fr Tosi.

  6. matthias

    those were the days in deed Paul. Just 10 years ago and when i was in the UCA we had a minister who never,never visited.Rain hail or shie. All of his predecessors did but not him
    He left that up to the Elders. i think he wondered why his term at the Church was cut from 5 years to 2 years and in the process the Church imploded.

  7. Schütz

    Water… yes, I remember that. Useful stuff in hot weather, I recall.

    Got home to find the cat was locked in the shed. Almost had roast cat instead.

    Paul, I met up with Bishop Anthony Fisher today, who assured me that Sydney is always cooler than Melbourne.

    And I was at dinner tonight when a Sister said that her order had their annual mass this Saturday (forecast hot weather for the fourth day in a row). A priest said: “Good training for the next life…” Another priest: “I hope you mean Purgatory, Father?”

    For those who would like to follow Melbourne’s weather as it happens:

    Currently 34.3 degrees after a high of 43.4

  8. Schütz

    Re priests visiting: I used to visit people with airconditioning on hot days…

  9. Schütz

    And I should point out that it is currently 11pm at night…

  10. Schütz

    32 degrees at midnight…

  11. Jackie Parkes MJ

    Give me the heat! Am flying to Egypt tomorrow!

  12. Tony Bartel

    Well of course Sydney is always cooler than Melbourne.

    And the temperature is quite often lower as well!

  13. matthias

    Sorry Tony but Sydney people and Adelaide people think melbourne’s shopping is the coolest.
    Jackie parkes-my brother in law has just come back from england and Egypt.He said he preferred Egypt’s heat to the English winter,so have a nice time

  14. Joshua

    Have sympathy, David – Launceston’s sweltering in what will be a record-breaking four days over 30, as “The Examiner” (our local paper) tells us: yesterday 33, today 34, then 33 and 33 again…

    I couldn’t sleep last night: about midnight I got up and picked out an old Dr Who novelization (“The Pyramids of Mars”) for a quick read; by the time I finished I finally could rest.

  15. Aussie Therese

    we will get to 46 today in Port Augusta. We went to the pool early this morning.

  16. Sharon

    When the guinea pigs were young we used to put ice blocks wrapped in a towel for them on hot days; they loved laying on them. When they got older we brought them inside plus ice blocks.

  17. Schütz

    Yes, Sharon, we are doing this. I came home last night to find them “belly-flopped” on the ice blocks!

    Cat is spending the day under the house. It’s so cool under there, I was almost tempted to join her…

    It’s 43.6 degrees out there at the moment.

  18. Louise

    he used to visit all his parishioners at least once per year, and on really hot days, he went around all the elderly people who lived on their own, to see how they were coping. Those were the days!!! Vale Fr Tosi.

    Good fellow! God rest his soul.

  19. Louise

    Launceston’s sweltering in what will be a record-breaking four days over 30, as “The Examiner” (our local paper) tells us: yesterday 33, today 34, then 33 and 33 again…

    Yikes! There’s a veritable heatwave for you!

    Ah, the Exaggerator… is it just as useless as it used to be?

    What took you to Lonnie, Josh?

  20. Joshua

    The Examiner is an excellent* newspaper – it contains much the same as The Mercury, that strange southern Tasmanian publication, but in fewer pages, Deo gratias. Founded in 1842, it’s the oldest paper in Tasmania, and has the highest penetration rate in its target market (Northern Tasmania) of any newspaper in Australia, being taken by up to 90% of homes.

    (* Neutral between elections, Liberal at elections, as Edmund Rouse used to say.)

    Louise, if you read my blog, you’d have known for months that I’ve moved back to Tas. for work! Tsk, tsk.

  21. Joshua

    The temperature peaked earlier today at 35.7!

  22. Joshua

    On a random weather note, the hottest spot in Tasmania is Flinders Island Airport (at 40.1) and the coolest is of course Macquarie Island, at 5.8.

    Betcha didn’t know Macquarie Island (54 deg. S) is Tasmania’s only overseas possession…

  23. Schütz

    It topped 44 degrees a couple of minutes ago. Time to go out and get in the car that has been sitting in the sun all day…

  24. Aussie Therese

    don’t you have trees in Melbourne? I move my car from one shady spot to the other when it is over 28.

  25. Joshua

    Launceston’s had its hottest day in a century, and Flinders Island set a new record for Tasmania of 41 degrees C.


  26. Tony Bartel


    I don’t usually believe in mercy killing, but the best thing they could do would be to shut down Adelaide before it dies off. Really, who would miss it if it were gone. So comparing anywhere with Adelaide really misses the mark.

    As for what Sydney people think of Melbourne, they usually don’t. And if they do happen to stumble upon Melbourne they spend the whole time wondering where the harbour is.

  27. Joshua

    Ahhh, just what one would expect of the sinful city of Sydney, sunk in vice!

    Be careful not to be so rude in future.

  28. Tony Bartel

    Actually Joshua, I am not worthy to live in Sydney. But I have spent a fair amount of time there over the past three years. I am also forced to visit Melbourne regularly as most of my family lives there now. And, I am entitled to sling off at Adelaide because I am a sixth generation South Australian who was born in Adelaide and received my secondary and tertiary education there (in company with Herr Schutz). As they say, Adelaide is a great place to be from.

    On reflection, South Australia does have it uses. It provides all the bizarre cases for law students to read in their criminal law classes.

  29. Louise

    Louise, if you read my blog, you’d have known for months that I’ve moved back to Tas. for work!

    Ooops! I’ll have to go over the older posts, Josh, I must have missed that bit. I do pop in from time to time, you know

    BTW, were you at Tas Uni? In the 90s? I’m almost certain I used to see you there at Mass in the Chemistry Catacombs.

  30. Schütz

    Don’t worry, Lou, I was embarrassed to find out this bit of info from Josh too when we met up recently. I was under the impression he was just holidaying in Tassie. I too missed that essential point in reading his blog.

    Tony – you are too unkind to our old home. You can’t be a REAL “sixth generation South Australian” to say such things!

    Mind you, it does get hot there. Hotter than here. One thing they have in Adelaide which they don’t have in Melbourne is FREE PARKING spaces (in both senses of parking spaces that don’t cost heaps and parking spaces that are empty). Which, Therese, is why I don’t move my car “from one shady spot to the other when it is over 28”. I have use of the Archdiocesan car park, which, if it were ever roofed over and had solar panels put on the top, would generate enough electricity to run the whole Archdiocese.

  31. Schütz

    And it has just hit 40 degrees again at 11:15am.

  32. matthias

    My mother came from Sydney-a Sydney Anglican- so i really do have no problems with Sydney .Now Adelaide ,they have a real chip on their shoulders .People from perth get to melbourne or Sydney and realise that there is life after Adelaide. ROY Rene-Adelaide born Aussie Jewish comic ,once said :
    “The boy stood on the yarra bank
    drinking in the morning dew,then he let out a great shout -Oh pOO.” But Sydney he wrote :
    “Come to Sydney see the sun
    Come to sydney have some fun
    come to sydney
    Don’t forget your tommy gun”
    Schutz Adelaide’s free parking-almost as good as its DRINKING WATER.
    Though we have to be thankful form great men such as Charles Todd and our greatest explorer John McDowell Stuart for establishing the Overland Telegraph.

  33. Tony

    Give me 40+ degrees in Adelaide rather than anything approaching 30 in Sydney. At least our heat is dry.

    Last March we broke the record for consecutive days +30C and we’ll probably break the record for the number of consecutive days +40C over the weekend. Two nights ago it was the hottest night on record.

    Beyond that if most of the rest of Oz thinks that Adelaide is nice to ‘be from’, it suits me fine. It has most of advantages of big cities without the disadvantages.

  34. Tony

    Mind you, it must be hot. Some of our most stoic residents are trying to head south.

  35. Joshua

    Oh Louise, don’t tell me I know you – you may recall that my memory for names is really bad. Yes, I was at U. Tas. 1993-1998 (the last two years part-time), and well recall Fr Flader offering Mass there…

  36. Louise

    Yep! We’ve met then, Josh. Don’t worry though, I’m pretty forgettable myself. I was there until 1995.

    If you happen to recall a very handsome young man of happy-clappy persuasion who often wore a beret (and would have wine and cheese for lunch)… I married him. Lucky me!

    And good old Fr Flader!

    I was hanging around a fair bit with Students for Christ in those days, although I was still a practicing Catholic.