Amy Welborn’s husband has died

Your prayers are asked for Amy Welborn – the “Granmother” of all Catholic bloggers – and her family as they mourn their husband and father, Michael, who died suddenly yesterday. We also ask you (if it is your faith and custom) to pray for the repose of Michael’s soul. Sentire Cum Ecclesia extends our most sincere condolences.



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3 responses to “Amy Welborn’s husband has died

  1. Past Elder

    Since comments are closed there, I will say here, notwithstanding any differences of faith or custom, having lost my wife at 43 with a 3 month and a 15 month old at home, for those who turn to Christ the Holy Spirit will indeed show whose footprints in the sand they are when there seems to be only one set.

    Terence J. Maher

  2. Christine

    May light eternal shine on Michael Dubriel until that day of glorious reunion when our gracious Lord will wipe away every tear.

  3. Louise

    May the Lord have mercy on Michael, may he rest in peace. May the Lord bless Amy and her children and give them His peace.

    having lost my wife at 43 with a 3 month and a 15 month old at home

    Good Lord, Terry! I praise God for His help to you in that terrible time.