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Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet

I’ve been listening to some of the last Religion Reports aired over summer. They were replays of John Cleary interviews from Sunday Nights. I highly recommend you read the interview with John Lennox – he suggests the best and most intelligent response I have ever heard to the silly question “asked by school boys and Russian scientiests”: “Who made God?”

Two other interviews are on the opposite end of the scale for intellectual satisfaction (in fact, I would love to see either of them go a few rounds with Lennox): one with sociologist Hugh Mackay – who seems to have received the remarkable revelation that Love is God, and God is within all of us; and the other with the founder of the Movement for the Ordination of Women in the Australian Anglican Church, Dr Patricia Brennan.

Nevertheless, at the end of the Brennan interview is this remarkable piece of music that I have never heard before, but appears to have been around for ages. You can read the story about it here, but you can listen to it right here:


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