What is it about this guy and police/military hats?

Is it something to do with growing up in a police station?



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4 responses to “What is it about this guy and police/military hats?

  1. Peregrinus

    That third one is a hat? It looks like an inverted dog-food bowl.

    Do the other parties in these encounters get to try on a zuchetto?

    [Hesper: to recite vespers very, very quietly.]

  2. Tony

    I wonder if it made PB16 nostalgic for the time he was known as the ‘Pope’s rottweiler’?

    reclesin: A time of your life when leisure is hard to find. ‘He’s a young man on the move, very much in reclesin mode’.

  3. Schütz

    You are naughty, Tony…

  4. Past Elder

    Police or military hats?

    Hell, he wears an ancient one all the time when presenting himself as a “bishop” or “pope”.

    What do you think a mitre is, for God’s sake? A Byzantine camelaucum worn by Imperial court officials, still in use in the Imperial state religion that has survived the Empire.