Solomon [Rajah] in all his glory!

When I was a student at Luther Seminary, a Malaysian pastor by the name of Solomon Rajah was there doing his masters degree. Solomon was a good bloke, and I remember him well, although we did not keep in touch after he returned to Malaysia.

Well, now it appears he has risen to new heights, being consecrated as Bishop of the Malaysian Lutheran Church (the previous bishop, Julius Paul , died last year in a boating accident).

This report says that he was consecrated by

Lutheran Archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden, The Most Rev Karl Gustav Hammer

in the presence of Rt Rev Dr H.A. Martin, the Bishop of the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tamil Nadu

and Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia Rt Rev Ng Moon Heng.



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2 responses to “Solomon [Rajah] in all his glory!

  1. William Tighe

    Hamar is the retired Archbishop of Uppsala. He is also an ultra, ultra liberal, as “revisionist” in his views as the retired ECUSA Bishop of newark, John Shelby Spong. He favors women’s “ordination,” homosexual “marriage,” the whole lot. There was a big uproar in Sweden, among Christians, five or six years ago when his sister, a priestess (Lutheran), married her lesbian “partner” (or, rather, “contracted a civil partnership”) in Uppsala Cathedral, and had a “wedding Mass” celebrated there by the then Lady Bishop of Lund. Archbishop Hamar attended the ceremony “in a private capacity.”

    I wonder why your former classmate should have such a heretical rogue (even from a Lutheran perspective) act as one of his consecrators.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention, that as archbishop Hamar was a relentless opponent of opponents of WO.

  2. Past Elder

    God bless me sideways, for once Dr Maher and Dr Tighe are of the same mind.

    I don’t like the verification letter game, but can’t resist this one. confic: a short configuration.