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Checking into Hong Kong on Palm Sunday

Well, my friends, my Rome/Istanbul odyssey has begun. I am at an internet cafe in the Hong Kong airport at the moment. Cathy and I have been “on the road” since 4am Palm Sunday morning AEST. It is now 5pm Hong Kong time, and we have another seven hours before our plane leaves for Rome. I have just done a bit of a “captain cook” of the airport, and found this free connection, so I thought I would “check in”. It is quite warm and muggy here – and I am dressed for Roman Spring…

I managed to get to Mass last night while we were still packing. It was an odd thought that I was starting Holy Week in my local parish, but would be ending it at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome with the Holy Father!

The kids (and guinea pigs) are with their grandparents for the first week of the school holidays (and a good friend is house sitting to help our neighbour look after the cat). It is Maddy and Mia’s first Easter without Mum and Dad. They gave us two nice home made “We will miss you/Happy Easter” cards which we have with us at the moment.

Not a lot else to add at the moment, except that Cathy and I are preparing a special edition of “Cathy and David At the Movies” for the St Paul’s magazine: it will be a collage of “in flight” movies. So far we have seen Slumdog Millionaire and Yes Man, as well as the latest Wallace and Grommit (“A matter of loaf and death”). Stay tuned for that.


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