Caption Competition

I am enjoying following the news of Pope Benedict’s travels on Reuters Faith World Blog by reporter Tom Heneghan.

This photo, though, is just crying out for a caption.

(From Reuters)

(From Reuters)



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7 responses to “Caption Competition

  1. Pax

    Even whirling dervishes stop for The Man in White!

  2. matthias

    You asked me as to when i believe life begins! At conception of course.The Grand Mufti believes at 4 weeks pregancy but the Chief Rabbi believes it begins when the dog dies and the kids leave home.

  3. “Hey! I ain’t got a red bit on top of MY hat! Oi Luigi! How come I don’t got a red top?”

  4. “So nice to meet you, members of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. So where’s them toy motorcycles y’all ride?”

  5. The Holy Father looks at two Lego figurines in an ecumenical diorama… “Vy do ze all haff the ze face of Hans Küng?” he asks himself.

  6. How about a simple:

    “And in the white corner…”

  7. “Mum told me there’d be days like this.”