Cornerstone Forum / Emmaus Road Intitiative: Damn good stuff

Here is a recommendation: get over to this website and download these podcasts. And listen to them, of course. This is some of the best and most thought provoking stuff I have found on the net for a very long time.


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  1. Matthias

    No connection to this artice but on the Newshour with Jim Lehrer on SBS ,this afternoon,there was a feature of a Loretto nun-Sr Cyril Rooney-teaching in the slums of Calcutta. Thanks to her initiatives,-she has ensured girls on the street are now housed at the school she runs, conducting teacher training so that outlying villages can be educated,there is some 350,000 children-so said the reporter- who are off the streets of Calcutta and in school. Thanks to one formidable Irish nun.