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Why I am a Christian

Reporter: Why are you a Christian, Schütz?

Schütz: Because Jesus Christ is risen from the dead.

Reporter: And?

Schütz: What do you mean “and”?

Reporter: Isn’t there some other reason? Like Spirituality or Religion, or Community or Being kind to the Poor?

Schütz: No. All those things are important, but none of them are reasons for being a Christian.

Reporter: Well, what about the Mass and Prayer and a personal relationship with God and forgiveness of sins and all that?

Schütz: As a Christian, I do and receive all those things too, but only because Jesus is risen from the dead.

But hey, I’ve asked some other people why they became Christian, and they told me “Because it is true”. Doesn’t that describe your position too?

Schütz: Well yes, I am a Christian because it is “true”. But what is “true” is that Jesus is risen from the dead. If he isn’t, then Christianity wouldn’t be “true”, and there wouldn’t be any point in being one (1 Cor 15:14). But since Christ is risen from the dead, then he is Lord of heaven and earth. (Phil 2:11). He is my Lord. And he is your Lord too. That’s what evangelisation is all about. Proclaiming that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and that Christ is Lord. So the fact that Jesus is risen from the dead is not only the reason why I am a Christian. It is why you should be a Christian too.

Reporter: Um… Thanks for that. We should talk more about it sometime… (Acts 17:32)


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Check this out: Blessed Mary of the Cross Video FROM CANADA!

The Salt and Light folk in Canada have made a documentary about our Saint, Blessed Mary of the Cross (aka, Mary McKillop). Here you go.

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“Lame, gay and churchy”…

Abbott lame, gay churchy loser, says his daughter.

The headline for this article in today’s Age, seems to suggest that Tony Abbott’s daughter went to the press with this accusation against her father. In fact, reading between the lines, it seems that what really happened was that Abbott himself related his daughter’s summation, in an attempt to show how difficult it can be sometimes for parents when they try to talk to their children about drugs.

That is an important issue, but not what interests me in the article. What interests me is the reaction from David Moutou, the “developmental manager” of a “gay youth support group” called “Twenty10”.

David Moutou, said ”gay” was not synonymous with ”bad” and was disappointed it would be repeated that way by a respected member of Parliament.

”Young people in their school environment are hypersensitive to the use of words, like ‘gay’, with negative connotations,” he said.

Quite. I know a time when it used to mean “happy”.

But wait a moment! Where are the disability rights activists? Shouldn’t they be objecting to the use of “lame” as a term of derogration?

AND, of course, what about “churchy”?

Of course, being “churchy” IS an acceptable term of abuse, with all the “negative connotations” you could ask for in this day and age. Just ask Catherine Deveny.

I tell you, I am seriously considering whether to continue my subscription to The Age very much longer. I guess I will, though. After all, what is the alternative?


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