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An Australian “Lutheran Catholic”?

I know that there are plenty of Lutheran pastors in the states who have “come out” as “evangelical catholics”, but Australian Luthero-Catholics (or should that be “Catholo-Lutherans”? The latter is my daughter’s favourite) are fairly thin on the ground. Thinner than ever since Easter 2001.

Nevertheless, wonder of wonders, behold a new blog on the landscape called “Lutheran Catholicity”. It is barely conceived yet, with one entry from yesterday which reads:

Thursday, October 8, 2009
Coming Soon!

Evidences for the catholicity of the Lutheran Reformation.
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Needless to say, we here at the after-dinner table of Sentire Cum Ecclesia wait with bated breath for the first installments.

The blogger, who goes by the name of “Acroamaticus” (which according to one on-line dictionary means “of/belonging/pertaining to a musical/reading entertainment”), identifies himself as a pastor of the Lutheran Church of Australia, a convert to Lutheranism from Anglicanism, and of Anglo-Scottish descent. At one time, anyone answering such a description would have stood out like a sore toe in the ministerium of the LCA, but not today. Still, I am sure that someone out there knows who he is!

Acroamaticus has two other blogs, What Sasse Said and Glosses From An Old Manse that make interesting reading. (Sasse was a very famous theologian, a contemporary and colleague of Barth and Bonhoeffer, who took the path less travelled and ended up at North Adelaide at the Seminary where I was trained. His writings had a very formative effect on me as a young seminarian).

So, as they say, “watch that spot”.

P.S. We would also welcome Acroamaticus to the table at SCE. Despite his “Anglo-Scottish” heritage, we hope the Lutherans have taught him something about drinking port in the last 14 years!


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Quote of the Day

“Homo sapiens [are] a tiny twig on an improbable branch of a contingent limb on a fortunate tree.”
— Stephen Jay Gould

I came across this quotation today, and it chimed in with my thinking about the recent near-apocalyptic disasters in our region. People ask “Why does God allow these things?” I reflect upon the sheer miracle that we exist at all. Here we sit, on a thin semi-solid crust floating upon a ball of molten rock, surrounded by a thin layer of atmosphere with enough oxygen to keep us alive, and then beyond that: nothing. More or less.

Leunig’s cartoon in The Age today (see his gallery here) has something to contribute also:

Cartoon by Michael Leunig, The Age, 9th Oct 2009

Cartoon by Michael Leunig, The Age, 9th Oct 2009


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