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Of long absences

Sorry about the long absence. Organising much of the Melbourne Archdiocese’s participation in the Parliament of the World’s Religions left me knackered, to use a good ol’ Aussie-Brit expression.

Well, there is another long absence that I found myself idly wondering about just the other day: Whatever happened to the promised sequel to the 2007 film “The Golden Compass”? You may remember the film – even perhaps the books by Philip Pullman. I wrote a review of the novels for Kairos some time ago (“Some Very Dark Materials” – you will forgive me for mentioning that this piece won an award, which gives me an objective if not strong basis for calling myself an “award winning writer” on my CV).

The first film came out, but then… nothing. Well, actor Sam Elliott, who had a starring role in the film, reckons that it was the Catholic Church that did in the projected series of sequels. Well, there you go. Religion poisons everything, as Hitchens would say.

Actually, it is probably a good thing the series ended after the first film. I saw the film, and it wasn’t as problematic as the novel, but then the first novel is the lightest of the three – it gets really, really worrying as the story progresses. So I’m not sad there won’t be anymore. Mr Pullman’s nihilistic philosophy does not need to be promoted in this way.


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