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Papal Masses: An Example to Us All

There is a very interesting interview on Zenit in regard to the various “novelties” that have appeared in the liturgies and dress of Pope Benedict XVI, covering everything from his red shoes to communion on the tongue. This interview sheds light on many of the questions pope-watchers have been asking since Papa Benny took the papal throne.

Particularly interesting is the discussion of the distinction between the “right” to receive communion either standing or kneeling and the “indult” from the universal norm to receive communion in the hand.

But I thought the final comment by Father Mauro Gagliardi was most appropriate:

Naturally, I can only speak here from a personal perspective and not officially on behalf of the Office for the Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff. To me it seems that what is being attempted is a wise joining of the ancient with the new, to actuate in spirit and letter, as much as possible, the indications of the Second Vatican Council, and to do this in such a way that the pontifical celebrations are exemplary in all aspects. Those present at the papal liturgy should be able to say: “Ah, this is how you do it! This is how we should do it in our diocese too, in our parish!”

Certainly this is the way in which the Roman Rite spread throughout the West in the first place. We pray that it may be so again!


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