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Nordic Lutheran Catholic dialogue on the Joint Declaration?

The Finnish Lutherans have been in Rome again on their annual pilgrimage to the Holy See (a significant idea in itself!). In his speech to the visitors, the Holy Father said:

You mentioned in your address the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, now ten years old, which is a concrete sign of the brotherhood rediscovered between Lutherans and Catholics. In this context, I am pleased to note the recent work of the Nordic Lutheran-Catholic dialogue in Finland and Sweden on questions deriving from the Joint Declaration. It is greatly to be hoped that the text resulting from the dialogue will contribute positively to the path which leads to the restoration of our lost unity.

Does anyone know anything about this? I think he is referring to their current round of discussions “Justification in the Life of the Church”, mentioned in this 2004 report from the PCPCU, but I can’t find anything more about it on the net. Sounds interesting.


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The November State Election

So, Ms Kosky has resigned. The reasons for her resignation are entirely honourable. But this is an election year, and her record – that is, the Brumby Government’s record – on transport will be tested in Novemeber when we all go to the polls. I imagine that I am not alone in asking how many conductors could be gainfully employed on our trains and trams with 1.3 billion dollars instead of a complicated new ticketing system.

But not only transport. Water, economy, health, education, the bushfire warning system, crime and policing, and a host of othe problems have beset this government. Add to that the penchant the Attourney General has for remodelling our social mores, and the bill liberalising abortion, and I cannot say that there is much that endears me to this current State Government.

But where is the alternative? Where is the strong and principled leadership from the State Opposition, leadership that we need to see now if we are going to have a credible alternative come the November polls? I don’t see it. And before the November election comes around, I would very much like too.

It’s time we had some real alternatives in our State politics, otherwise there will be no competition come November.


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