Marco’s new blog

Marco Vervoost has alerted me to the fact that he has a new blog, Ordinary Catholic.

Looking at his posts on this blog, I noticed a link to this sermon which Bishop Elliott preached at St Mary the Virgin Church, Traditional Anglican Communion, Melbourne, on 8th December last year. Worth a look.


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7 responses to “Marco’s new blog

  1. Errrm, David – isn’t this Marco’s 7th or 8th new blog? He seems to regularly reinvent it… I recall when it was still out of communion with the Holy See! He has more returns to the stage than Dame Nellie Melba! 😉

  2. Terry Maher (Past Elder)

    He should have an Extraordinary Catholic blog too, which will be actually the same blog as the Ordinary Catholic blog but in a different manifestation.

  3. Soon he can have an Anglican Ordinariate blog too, under the same conditions…

  4. Harry

    Do a wordle ( 0n the sermon by Bishop Elliott. It certainly doesn’t meet Lutheran standards of Law and Gospel.

  5. Well – His Lordship not being Lutheran, it’s rather bizarre to even ask the question!

    I can tell you, I’d never come across the peculiar Lutheran use of the words Law and Gospel (reminding me rather of the mysterious Urim and Thummim) until I came onto this blog… I’m still rather hazy about it, as is most of the Christian world barring one tiny segment.

  6. I’d not tried this “wordle” thingy before… well, considering the sermon was for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, it appears the subject of the feast was well covered.