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The Pope and the English People

In the newspapers today is the headline: Pope attacks Britain’s gay equality laws. The story comes from the Telegraph, via, I suspect, this UKPA story “Pope attacks equality laws in UK”, but it took The Age to add the word “gay” to the headline. Actually, the Holy Father’s address to the Bishops of England and Wales at their ad limina meeting in Rome doesn’t even mention anything about homosexuality, but journalists and news editors are quick to read between the lines and make the implicit into the headline. Interesting, none the less, that the report takes the line that this is an “unprecedented” comment “on the laws of a Protestant state”.

That raises an issue which the Pope DID mention in his ad limina address, and one which, according to the newspaper report, has led to the following action:

A senior adviser to the Queen has met the leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales to express concern over the Pope’s offer for disaffected Anglicans to convert to Catholicism. In a highly unusual step, Earl Peel, the Lord Chamberlain, asked Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols to meet him following Pope Benedict’s decree.

I guess you could call that “a highly unusual” action by a “Protestant state” concerning the laws of the Catholic Chuch!

I have also been referred to a very significant document available on the web, Archbishop Hepworth’s Pastoral Letter to the Bishops, Clergy and Faithful of the Traditional Anglican Communion. This is very, very interesting and very, very heartening stuff.

The complete TAC petition to Rome is on the same website here, and Archbishop Hepworth’s statement on the response of the Vatican to the petition is here.


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