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Farewell, Mark Shea!

Well, that was fun, and make no mistake. I have just returned from dropping Mark Shea back at Melbourne Airport for his return flight to Sydney where he wil continue his speaking tour for a few days before returning home to Seattle. Mark spoke at the Cardinal Knox Centre last night on the topic of his latest book/books “Mary: Mother of the Son”, available in Australia through the Mustard Seed Bookshop – and soon at the Catholic Central Bookshop here in Melbourne as well.

Thanks very much to Mark and to the Mustard Seed shop for this wonderful experience. We had about 40-50 people last night, supported with supper afterwards by Anima Women’s Network and Catholic Women’s League. Mark spoke at length on the Four Marian Dogmas (not – as he was misheard by a Sydney journo to have said “the Four Million Dogmas”) of the Catholic Church. He is a engaging speaker, and I am assured by my good friend Fraser Pearce, who has read all three books, that they are a “good read”. He is also the author of “This is my Body”, “By What Authority?” and “Making Senses out of Scripture” (also available from the same sources). So go and buy his books, guys. And then read them.

And a little know fact about Mark Shea: He is an actor, TV star and soon to be star of a feature film. The Film is of “Man Alive” by Chesterton, and Mark plays the lead character “Innocent Smith”. It is a complete reworking of an EWTN TV series done a while back. Actually, I think that Mark would probably make a very good casting choice for the author rather than the main character. Here is scene from the EWTN version:


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Obama and “the pope-basher”

I don’t pay much attention to American politics, but here is an interesting story on Cathnews which has its origin in this CNSNews.com story “Obama names Pope-basher to Faith-Based Initiatives Board”.

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