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An “Ecumenical Catechism”?

“A Vatican official [Cardinal Kasper] has floated the idea of a shared “ecumenical catechism” as one of the potential fruits of 40 years of dialogue among Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists and members of the Reformed churches.”



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Cool Superbowl Ad for Focus on the Family

They tell me that the whole of the United States watches the Superbowl. So Focus on the Family decided to use it as a forum. I understand this costs megabucks. The message may be a little “unfocused”, but given that everyone knows that FOTF is a pro-life organisation, the point is not lost.

Here is the full story from “Inside the Vatican”: Quarterback for Life. HT to Andrew Rabel for this.


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Cardinal George Pell: “in a class by himself” – John Allen

I thought it was just the Australian (principally Sydney) media who revelled in the constant rumours of a Vatican appointment for our beloved (or hated) George Cardinal Pell. But it seems from this John Allen piece in the US National Catholic Reporter (Australia’s Pell tops the chart as a rumor magnet), that rumours about George are not only ubiquitous and perennial, but also universal. The rumour about his being a candidate for the top job in the Congregation for Bishops in fact was started (according to Allen) by the Italian press, not the Sydney Morning Herald.

Read the article and have a smile.


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