Daily Archives: March 3, 2010

What the hell is up with Coo-ees?

When a blog goes “private”, surely it defeats the whole purpose of blogging? Isn’t the point of a Catholic blog to evangelise? And to defend the Truth? And doesn’t this mean it has to be public, ie. published, for all the world to see? So what’s this about needing to be part of an in crowd to read Cooees from the Cloister – formerly (and I do mean formerly) Australia’s premier Catholic blog? How are the Brian Coynes of the world to be educated without the wisdom of the Cooees crowd? How are faithful Catholics throughout the land to be amused without their wit? How are we to learn the latest gossip from the corridors of Ecclesia, from Rome to Sydney to the “Diocese of the Big Drain”?

And finally: I hope my invitation to join this new select club of Cooees readers is “in the mail”, as they say. In the mean time, I guess this means the position of “premier Australian Catholic Blog” is up for grabs?


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