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Indulgences: Missed One!

I was flicking through my copy of the Manual of Indulgences last night, thinking: If there is a plenary indulgence for Maundy Thursday and one for the Easter Vigil, I wonder if there is one for Good Friday?

And lo and behold, there is! This afternoon’s exercise of the adoration of the cross carries a plenary indulgence, as does involvement in the Way of the Cross devotion (Nb. you can only get one plenary indulgence each day – if it’s full, it’s full – there is not such thing as “double-full”!). Check out the exact conditions here, and don’t forget the usual norms here.

I know all this stuff about indulgences must really be getting on some readers’ goat (I noted that the excellent article in Logia to which Pastor Weedon directed us in a com box on another topic listed his “revival” of indulgences as one thing about the Holy Father that might be a subject for dialogue between conservative Catholics and confessional Lutherans at some point in the future!), but really, if an indulgence is what the Church really claims they are (and of course, I believe they are), then we should be making them as well known as possible, and not hiding them away as something to be ashamed about. The long, tall and short of it all is that indulgences are an important for two reasons: Primarily because they are a way in which God dispenses his mercy and grace to sinners, and secondarily because they are an encouragement and aid for growth holiness and detachment from sin. A good thing, methinks!

So I really don’t understand why the Vatican website does not have a translation of the Enchiridion Indulgentiarum 4th Edition in every major language. It only has the Latin. And so buying the American USCCB Manual of Indulgences is the only way you will get it in English. There must be a reason for this, but it escapes me.


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