Flat out – this time literally

Sometimes life is just not fair. I mean I did say to some one towards the end of our three day Symposium on Death & Dying that when it was all over I intended to go home and go to bed and not get up for three days, but I didn’t mean it to happen like this. Within half an hour of the end of the conference I had put my back out and am now resigned to being laid out horizontal for at least another three or four days. Which means no blogging folks. Your prayers for a speedy recovery would be appreciated.


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9 responses to “Flat out – this time literally

  1. matthias

    No blogging just logging. Look after yourself. and am upholding you in my prayers

  2. Well, I know all about being ‘flat’ after Easter.

    Hope the back mends soon, David, and may God grant you much patience in the meantime.

  3. Terry Maher (Past Elder)

    Long ago in a galaxy far, far away, I might have joked that this is taking Low Sunday too low!

  4. Anne

    careful what you ask for David, you know we have a giver who gives immediately (lol)
    Get well soon and prayers assured.

  5. GAB

    Your back and general well-being are in my prayers. May your healing be swift.

  6. Christine

    Well! Some people will do anything to get a few days off 🙂

    With prayers that you will be up and about soon!


  7. Rev. Ed Steele


    My prayers are with you. Yours is a voice much needed in today’s world. Get well soon!


  8. Louise

    Prayers, David. God bless.

  9. Tom

    Sorry to hear about your back, old egg. May our Lord give you patience as you endure the pain.