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Tim Fischer for Elected Constitutional Monarch!

Well, you can hardly expect a monarchist like me to say “Tim Fischer for President“, can you?

By now, all regular guests at this table will be familiar with “The Schütz Model for a Elective Australian Constitutional Monarchy” (if not, take a moment to look at the side bar on the right towards the bottom of the page). I know that most people have taken my suggestion as a kind of amateurish joke, but seriously the more I think about it, the more I think it could work – especially because it would ensure a truly worthy candidate for the position.

There have, over the years, been some silly suggestions for the “First Australian President” (eg. Dick Smith!). But Tim Fischer has been in town just recently, and having the opportunity to catch up with him once again has reminded me what a really great Australian statesman he is.

It was good to hear from Tim what’s been going on in Rome and the rest of the world. I have the impression that to appoint someone as Ambassador to the Holy See is, in effect, to appoint them as Ambassador to the rest of the World. Tim certainly has a lot of interests in a lot of areas, from his well known love of trains, to his great interest in the little kingdom of Bhutan, to his very very serious dedication to the preservation and protection of the world’s food resources.

For a bloke who came up through the Australian political ranks, the most wonderful thing about Tim is that he is a really genuine decent and friendly fellow. It is obvious that he went into politics for the sole reason that he likes people, and wants to make a positive impact on the world.

Recently I heard someone say that “You can change the world”, and I thought to myself, rather cynically, “Yeah, just not very much”, but I reckon Tim has done his fair share to make a difference.

If we ever found ourselves in a world where – contrary to Monty Python and in line with my constitutional model – you got to “vote for kings”, I would vote for Tim. In the mean time, maybe he could be considered for our next GG.



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