“Descendant of Mary MacKillop”???

I don’t think so. Just a careless mistake on the part of the person who wrote the Media Release for the Catholic Education Office in the Diocese of Parramatta.



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4 responses to ““Descendant of Mary MacKillop”???

  1. Tom

    Didn’t Mary MacKillop have a sister? Is that what they mean?

  2. William Tighe

    In the absurd and semi-literate English translation of the liturgical books in use in the Ukrainian Catholic Church here in the States, there occurs the phrase at various points “always praying for your descendants O Mother of God,” which always makes me mutter “Anathema upon Helvidius and Jovinian” whenever I hear it.

    On a related subject, see his which I wrote 12 years ago:


    • Peregrinus

      Ah, but if Mary is “Mother of the Church”, doesn’t that make all of us, in a theologically meaningful sense, her children? And, therefore, her descendants?

  3. Gareth

    Can Catholic Education Offices across Australia get anything right?