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Anglicans to move against Euthanasia

According to this report in The Age, Bishop Phillip Huggins has proposed a motion to the National Synod of the Anglican Church (currently meeting in Melbourne) to oppose the moves of the Federal Labor Government to move toward allowing Euthanasia laws in the Territories. The motion includes the words: ”Our task is to protect, nurture and sustain life to the best of our ability.”

Bishop Huggins correctly points out the rather underhand way in which the Greens have acted in regard to this matter:

Bishop Huggins said: ”This was not a matter of pre-election debate. Would people have voted the same way if they knew a Labor government with the Greens would, as a near-first action, promote a conscience vote on euthanasia?

”There would be more integrity in foreshadowing this proposal before an election rather than immediately after. It should have been made plain during the election campaign. There should be a broad-based public debate.”

This point was echoed in a short letter to the editor on The Age’s opinion page (not currently online), which commented that there were more than twenty Green’s policies listed on Andrew Bandt’s election pamphlets – not one of them mentioning Euthanasia, and this was their very first move once they got a candidate into the lower house.

Lesson No. 1: If you paint your agenda Green it is easier to hide it in the woods.


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Happy 200th Birthday Great, Great, Great Grandpa Schütz

Johann Gottfried Schütz (1810-1900)

Well, okay, I am a few days early, but I don’t want to miss this occasion. On 13th October 2010, my great, great, great grandfather, Johann Gottfried Schütz, turns 200. With a bit of luck, we hope to make a pilgrimage to his grave in the next week or so.

Here is a picture of his gravestone, which is online at this site:


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Australian “German” Churches on a German Website

The beautifully named "Hochkirche", Tarrington, Victoria
The fittingly named “Hochkirche” in Tarrington, Victoria.

Well, how about this? I’m doing a bit of research on the net to find out about the burial places of my ancestors, and (Lo and Behold!) I find this German website with nifty pictures of a lot of Australian Lutheran “country” churches. Josh has just been talking about these wonderful buildings which he encountered on his recent trip to the Barossa Valley. Now you can get an eyeful too.


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