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Cute, and helpful, even if misdirected

Cartoon by Bill Leak, The Australian, Monday 25th October 2010

Today’s cartoon in The Australian is cute, but a little misdirected. I don’t think it is the Lutherans of Woodside that are making all the noise against the proposed assylum seeker processing centre (Woodside was not one of the 19th Century SA German settlements, although of course, there are lots of descendants living there). Although the historical reminder is worth taking note of. I tell my children that some of our ancestors came to Australia as religious “assylum seekers”. George Fife Angas, a Baptist who sponsored their settlement in South Australia, saw their plight as not unlike that of the dissenters of Great Britain. The South Australian colony at the time welcomed the newcomers as they were a good source of labour and were productive farmers providing much needed food for the new settlement. In the 19th Century, South Australia was one of the most multi-cultural colonies in Australia. Bill Leak’s humour, though misdirected, should at least be a reminder to South Australians that “we’ve done this before” and benefited from it.



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What Ho, Fr Denton! Rector of Domus Australis!

Fr Anthony Denton

Oh, I say. Talk about falling on your feet! Fr Anthony Denton, our one time Vocations Director here in the glorious See of Melbourne, has been dubbed the first “Rector of Domus Australis.

“Fr Denton is currently completing a doctorate in Dogmatic Theology in Rome, is a keen historian, speaks fluent Italian and has an insider’s knowledge of Rome and the Vatican city,” Archbishop Hart said.

Cardinal Pell agreed. “We are very fortunate to have a priest like Fr Denton in this role,” he said, adding that Domus Australia would continue the long established Church tradition of providing accommodation for pilgrims in holy places and that it would also be a religious and cultural centre for visitors to Rome.

“A centre such as this requires an outstanding priest with energy and vision and we look forward to Fr Denton working with us in this role,” the Cardinal said.

I can’t wait to visit Rome again – and hopefully this time I will be able to stay at Domus Australis and experience the hospitality of the Rector. He certainly can’t complain, in this new role, that people are “dropping in on him” from home. I hope that he finds time to complete his doctoral studies. Something about Eastern ecclesiology, if I remember correctly…

In the meantime, have a gizz at this video – no mention of the new Rector, unfortunately.


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Another significant new Cardinal

Archbishop - soon to be Cardinal - Malcom Ranjith

Sandro Magister correctly predicted one of the Cardinals in the latest announcement:

ROME, October 14, 2010 – In Sri Lanka, the bishops and priests dress all in white, as can be seen in the unusual photograph above: with the entire clergy of the diocese of Colombo, the capital, diligently listening to its archbishop, Malcolm Ranjith, who is likely to be made a cardinal at the next concistory.

He was quite right. Malcolm Ranjith, one time secretary of the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship, is also one of the Church’s foremost proponents of returning to ad orientam celebration of the liturgy along with kneeling to receive Communion and reception of communion on the tongue. Take the time to read Magister’s piece and you will understand where Pope Benedict is coming from.

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