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If you have seen this…

…it make this update of the original even funnier:

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Remember this? “It’s the Woluf!”

Something someone said a few days ago on this ‘ere blog reminded me of this old TV show. I still chuckle. Must show the kids…


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Has “our Julia” got religion?

We know that politicians will resort to anything to win an election, but would Julia resort to prayer?

Actually, this picture (from the front page of The Age July 28 2010) would make a nice holy card of St Julia. All you need is a ray of light coming down from the top righthand corner…


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“Pope Excludes Women!!!”

Well now, there’s an original complaint…

But the complaint has a new target, namely, a new book for children based on passages from the Holy Father’s weekday catechesis on the apostles and called “Gli Amici De Gesu” (“The Friends of Jesus”).

The complaint, originating from (drumroll) “We are Church” with the “National Catholic Reporter” joining in is that all the 14 “amici” in the book are MEN – that he has “edited out” all the “friends of Jesus” who were WOMEN:

Valerie Stroud of the Catholic organisation We Are Church, a support group for Catholics, said: “In giving children the idea that Jesus only favoured men, Pope Benedict sends a very strong message that women are second-class citizens in the Christian religion. This was never Jesus’s intention. The Supreme Pontiff completely abandons the modern idea of equality within relationships.”

The book was criticised in comments on the website of the influential US National Catholic Reporter. Jacob R wrote: “Oh dear . . . how profoundly disappointing. Can this really be true that he edited out Mary Magdalene, the first ‘friend’ to see the risen Lord?”

Probably the problem is with the expectation that the title sets up, namely the use of the word “amici”/”friends”. In fact, the book is specifically about those who are recognised as “apostles” by the Church. The 14 “amici” are thus the twelve apostles (including, nota bene, Judas Iscariot – was he a “friend” in the conventional term?) + the two “johnny-come-lately’s” of the apostles, Matthias and Paul.

I have often noted, for instance in children’s addresses at church on Sundays, that when talking to Jesus the term “friends” is regularly used instead of “disciples”. That seems to have been the intention of the use of “amici” here. The complaint seems to have originated, therefore, in the misplaced expectation that the book would be about ALL the people who could be described as Jesus’ “friends” (which, of course, includes many women as well as men), rather than specifically about those “friends” who were also his apostles.

The latter, however, is clearly the intention, as the inclusion of Paul indicates. Paul could not be called (in the conventional sense) a “friend” of Jesus, as he never met or knew him during Jesus’ life and ministry. That all the apostles WERE men remains both a fact and a signficant point which those making this present complaint would themselves like to have “edited out” of the historical record for their own purposes.

As for malicious intent on the part of the Holy Father against women, such a complaint is simply perposterous. Mary Magdalene and the other women aside, what about his own Mother Mary, who was surely the greatest of all Jesus’ “friends”? The idea that a Catholic Pope would intentionally “edit out” the Blessed Virgin Mary from a book about Jesus’ “friends” in general is perposterous, and yet it is perfectly understandable that she would not be included in a book about Jesus’ apostles. This fact alone demonstrates that this book had a particular scope and intention, which is being ignored by those making the present complaint.


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“The Young Pope”??? Everyone’s Favourite Friar on “Salt and Light”

Our beloved Dominican Bishop Anthony Fisher, now Ordinary of the Diocese of Parramatta in Australia, was interviewed by fellow World Youth Day organizer (Toronto 2002), Fr. Thomas Rosica, in June at the Salt and Light Broadcast Centre in Canada while. It was broadcast on July 18, an dyou can find the entire video interview here:

It is astounding to think that WYDSYD08 was now two years ago. My children still remind me of moments and experiences of that time – it is fixed in their memories and hearts.

The comment about “the young pope” is Rosica’s, commenting on +Anthony’s Dominican habit, which is, as +Anthony goes on to explain, actually the origin of the pope’s custom of of wearing white. Our “Young Pope”? Well, we think he has the potential. If only he would give some attention to learning Italian… Actually, on that note, someone recently told me that the new President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, Archbishop of Basel, Kurt Koch, doesn’t know Italian and is currently doing a crash course! A word to our Friendly Friar: Ignorance of Italian won’t save you!

Speaking of Nuns and Sisters and Monks and Friars, which we have been, sort of, here is one of my favourite jokes:

When Timothy Radcliffe was head of the Dominican Order, he visited the St Dominic’s Priory in East Camberwell while Fr Anthony was there. Anthony was rostered on with Fr Dom to do the cooking that night, and showed off his culinary expertise with his famous fish and chips. (Anthony really is a very good cook – If he doesn’t become Pope, at least he should have a chance to be the Masterchef!). Anyway, Fr Radcliffe apparently enjoyed the meal so much, he asked the Prior if he could meet the cooks. Frs Anthony and Dom came in front of the General of their order, and Fr Radcliffe said to Fr Dom: “So, you cooked this excellent fish?”. “No,” replies Fr Dom, “I’m just the Chip Monk. Fr Anthony is the Fish Friar.”

You can groan now.


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Welcome to “Felix Martinus Sixtus/Sextus”!!!

Louise left a comment on a former post saying:

I’m just dropping in to tell you that our son, Felix Martin was born on Friday 23 July, weighing in at 8lb 2oz.

Many thanks for the prayers. I’m recovering well and the baby is healthy and a beautiful little chap, adored by us all.

Woohoo, Louise! Well done, and congratulations, and all our prayers! Please email me a photograph and I will be happy to post it on this ‘ere blog! May he indeed live up to his name and bring true happiness to you and all his family! (I take it the middle name was not after the great 16th century reformer?)


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From the mouth of babes…

Well, she’s not really a babe anymore, although she might be one day again in another sense in the near future (god help any young man who calls her that…), anyway, down to business:

My nine (“I’m going on ten, Dad”) year old daughter Mia recently wrote the following for presentation to her class in our local parochial school (she did it as a rather neat kind of art-deco powerpoint):

Who is God?

This question is reguarly asked.

Different people have different answers like
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
the maker of the universe,
the god who loves me,
and looks after me.

I think God is everything;
he is God the light,
God the shepherd
and God the guide.

What does he look like?

Have you ever wondered this?

Some people picture him like a ghost.
Others picture him as a person.
I’ve even heard someone say God might not be a boy.

I think he is invisible to our eyes,
but he’s still there.

Does God have super powers?

This is an interesting question.

One of my friends thinks he has the power of super fast running.
Another thinks he has the power ot be everywhere at once.

I think God has the power
to love, be kind and to be generous.

No coaching involved in this, guys. It’s all authentic Mia. Including the bit about the gender of the Deity!

But I have to say, I am just blown away by that final line about God’s “super power” being his ability “to love, be kind and to be generous.” That is just profound.


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